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Birds of Prey in Oklahoma

Hi, my name is Amber and the purpose of this site was my 8th grade science project in 1996. My hypothesis was that the Internet could be used to present a science project, and if so, what kind of project. I chose a collection with report. The title and topic of this project is Birds of Prey in Oklahoma.

I have not displayed all the birds of prey in Oklahoma because the amount of information I was able to find was not sufficient to include all of them. Also, the question was if this could be done.

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Senior Pictures!

Dad's company designed the web site for Safari Joes Zoological Park and arranged for me to have some GREAT senior pictures taken. Here are some snapshots dad took that day.

amber-sherekhan-04t.jpg - 6788 Bytes   amber-sherekhan-01t.jpg - 7578 Bytes   amber-joe-sherekhan-02t.jpg - 7770 Bytes

Yes, our school mascot is this very Tiger. His name is Sherekhan.

Please help!

I have lost my notes on the many contributors of pictures to this page. I have been showered with requests for use of the images and have had to turn people down because I either do not own them or cannot put the requester with the provider. I even had to turn down NASA which wanted some eagle pictures for their birds in flight web site. If you own any of these pictures or know who does would you please contact me so I can not only credit their work but perhaps obtain copyright information so others can enjoy their pictures.

This page was never intended to be published but my dad put it up to see how it would do. We took my dad's computer to the gym at school for the judging. I finished fourth. Now he is mad because it gets more traffic than his site.